Verizon Wireless

stays a step ahead.

Deploying Brew™ builds on a long legacy

of leadership.

Verizon Wireless

A powerful partnership

Mobile apps have never reached so many. Already a leading partnership in the mobile ecosystem, Verizon Wireless is actively supporting Brew for a large portion of its device portfolio in 2010 and beyond. As an early adopter of Brew, Verizon Wireless clearly understands the expanded flexibility and efficiency that Brew brings to the wireless ecosystem. That’s why Verizon Wireless plans to extend its leadership position in advanced 3G mobile application services by transitioning its base of devices from Brew 3.1 to Brew MP 1.0.

Brew beyond the handset

Beyond using the expanded power of Brew to tap into device capabilities, Verizon Wireless also is using the platform in its open catalog initiative. This means simplified certification and improved on-boarding processes that speeds time to market for apps designed for a variety of devices. By using Brew, the powerful capabilities and applications that are typically seen only on higher-end smartphones will be available across a wide range of mass-market phones from Verizon Wireless. These features open the door to take mobile application services in new directions—and to new audiences.

The incredible efficiency and power of Brew enable us to achieve extremely compelling applications on very affordable devices for our broad base of subscribers.

Colson Hillier, Executive Director, Entertainment and Media, Verizon Wireless

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Verizon Wireless are dedicated to supporting and showcasing the powerful C-based applications top developers are writing for Brew along with the innovative new content that will emerge from broad open catalog developer opportunities. Check out the Brew devices to see the growing range of Brew-based devices Verizon Wireless deploys.

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