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In today's ultra-competitive gaming environment, publishers and developers are always looking for ways to go bigger, better and faster with their titles each year—otherwise, it can literally be 'game over'. And that’s exactly why EA has looked at Brew as a go-to partner since 2005. The relationship dates back even further. Prior to EA's acquisition of JAMDAT Mobile, JAMDAT developed games on Brew since 2002.

For the leading game publisher, Brew represents the next level in what has already become a key platform for their most popular game franchises, including: Rock Band™ Mobile, Madden NFL Football, The Sims™, and Need for Speed™. In fact, all of EA's premium mobile games are represented on Brew, with many titles available in both 3D and 2D versions.

We’ve been strong supporters of Brew for many years. The latest evolution of the Brew platform gives our development teams world-class tools to deliver the most entertaining and innovative mobile games

Travis Boatman, VP of Worldwide Studios for EA Mobile

A power player on every level.

For EA, Brew continues to deliver—from its clear path to revenue to its underlying technology that enables EA’s premium brands to shine on mobile devices around the world. And with native support for C/C++ and direct access to underlying graphics hardware, Brew is now helping EA produce even higher quality games for all tiers of devices. This means one thing: more people playing EA games.

Next stop: More premium games in more places.

EA is excited about the business and technical opportunities being delivered by Brew — and with Brew literally in their back pocket, they have the power they need to tackle growing mobile markets around the world.

The Sims 3
Based on the #1 PC game franchise of all time, The Sims 3 brings exciting new gameplay and endless possibilities to Brew mobile devices.

Madden NFL 10
Score the winning touchdown in Madden NFL 10! With Brew, immerse yourself in the game with enhanced graphics and clear audio.

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  • Brew: central to EA’s mobile gaming success
  • Enables production of high quality games for all tiers of devices
  • A platform with market reach around the world
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