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2013 News

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24 Jul 2013

What can BREW OS teach us about ecosystems? Qualcomm’s Steve Sprigg takes us on a trip down memory lane and gives us an insider view of the history of BREW OS and the lessons learned for Qualcomm.

2012 News

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31 Jul 2012

AT&T has a spanking new smartphone for the masses, especially those with a heart for the environment. We are talking about the Pantech Renue, which is made out of 67% recyclable components, now how about that? 

30 Jul 2012

The Pantech Renue has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and helps spearhead AT&T's new eco-ratings standards.

12 Jul 2012

In my opinion, Uplinq® was a huge success and I hope those of you that joined us in San Diego feel the same way. It's hard to translate the excitement from Uplinq in a blog post, but I was thrilled to meet so many of you from around the...

21 Jun 2012

Qualcomm has been supporting developers working with the Brew® platform for over a decade. Along the way, we’ve learned what developers need to effectively monitor the performance of their offerings and make the right decisions for...

8 Jun 2012

Have you made your arrangements to attend our Uplinq™ conference on June 27-28 in San Diego? We’re setting up another Market Match "business speed dating" event for developers like you, creating apps for Android, Brew™,...

25 May 2012

Make no mistake about it, the wide range of smartphones now available from a plethora of OEMs are truly amazing devices. However, while the proliferation of smartphones and their embedded mobile app stores has sparked an entirely new...

16 Apr 2012

Developer Economics is back for new research on some of the hottest trends in the developer ecosystem. Market analysis and strategy firm VisionMobile, is asking developers about key trends in the mobile app economy. Trends for this year...

9 Apr 2012

Ah, in-app purchases – those transactions within an app that can really add up, helping you to better monetize your content.

29 Mar 2012

Fox Television was interested in this market and earlier this year, we helped connect their brand to long-time Brew developer, eMbience. The result is Fox Television's myFOX app for feature phones, which delivers local content from Fox...

27 Mar 2012

Fox Television stations can deliver content to viewers who don’t have smartphones via a myFox app developed by eMbience Inc.

26 Mar 2012

Smartphones may be all the rage, but feature phones need some love to. And that’s exactly what the folks at eMbience Inc., a mobile developer and strategist, are doing in partnership with television network Fox.

26 Mar 2012

myFOX features content from local myFOX stations across the country. Targeting feature phones rather than smartphones, the app will be initially available on 25 Verizon handsets based on Qualcomm’s Brew platform by mid-March. myFOX...

12 Mar 2012

Cellcontrol, a leading provider of technology to stop distracted driving, announced today that its award-winning technology has now become the first distracted driving solution to operate on mobile phone devices based on Qualcomm...

22 Feb 2012

Qualcomm announced that registration for the Uplinq 2012 developers conference is now open at Uplinq 2012 will provide software developers a...

3 Feb 2012

The latest release of the Brew MP SDK now includes time saving features for OEMs and developers.

19 Jan 2012

It's not everyday I get a chance to share with you, our valuable Brew® developer community, some excellent news. As you can imagine, I'm pretty pumped about this: beginning February 15, 2012, there will be a new, simplified test plan...

2011 News

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15 Dec 2011

Seemingly every day, we see another article on Android scaling wider and eating up market share at a blistering pace.

17 Nov 2011

This webinar will discuss the key findings from comScore's market research study on Brew device owners, including: The Current Brew Market and Its Consumers, Mobile Applications - Attitudes and Usage, and Purchase Considerations for...

14 Nov 2011

During a recent interview with Enrico Salvatori, president of Qualcomm CDMA Europe, he revealed that the company he runs and Nokia are in for a long partnership.

9 Nov 2011

A couple of months ago, I posted on new ways to promote your apps in Verizon's and AT&T's storefronts using marketing assets like icons, preview images and banner graphics. All you need to do is include these assets when you...

26 Oct 2011

Have you thought about how you can get the most distribution for your Brew® apps? If you need help with porting, conversion or localization, we’ve compiled a directory of mobile app companies that have honed their expertise over the...

13 Oct 2011

If you've ever wondered about the tens of millions of people who own those Brew® devices you're writing apps for, I've got some information that you'll find interesting. Recently, Qualcomm® commissioned comScore for a market research...

7 Oct 2011

Regional operator U.S. Cellular is introducing Ringback Radio, a new music service enabling subscribers to access pre-selected ringbacks that refresh on a monthly basis.

3 Oct 2011

As G.I. Joe once famously said: Knowing is half the battle. We agree.

So, to help you with conquering your next Brew® application, we here at Qualcomm have compiled nine videos from our Uplinq conference for easy refresher-...

6 Sep 2011

Have you registered for the Verizon Developer Community Conference yet? It takes place in Las Vegas next week on September 13-14, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you’ve still got time.

17 Aug 2011

Since the days of caveman drawings, people with goods and services to sell have used images to help convince other fellow cave people to buy their stuff.

12 Aug 2011

If you’re in the business of developing mobile apps, by now you have undoubtedly read about the powerful and profitable nature of using in-app purchases within your apps.

9 Aug 2011

Learn about the marketing asset requirements for your Brew apps for Verizon and AT&T.

5 Aug 2011

In-app purchases will account for more than $1.5 billion in mobile app sales this year. You can now take advantage of in-app purchases with the A-VB extension for Brew.

7 Jul 2011

LOS ANGELES — If you think people who pre-pay their cellphone bills aren't the type to shell out for music these days, think again.

22 Jun 2011

When considering the development of a mobile application, you are faced with very similar questions that most businesses have:

3 Jun 2011

Qualcomm isn't finished with the dumbphone just yet.

2 Jun 2011

For a conference that started out with the name BREW, Qualcomm’s Uplinq event has focused very little on BREW this year, highlighting instead Qualcomm’s most recent successes in applications processing and software.

2 Jun 2011

Smartphone shipments are constantly on the rise and expected to surpass featurephones as early as 2012.

1 Jun 2011

Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless voice and data network, and Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies,...

1 Jun 2011

DUBENDORF-ZURICH, Switzerland – June 01, 2011 – Myriad Group AG (SIX: MYRN), a global leader in mobile technology having shipped over 3.8 billion software applications on more than 2.2 billion phones, today announced an agreement to...

1 Jun 2011

While at Uplinq, it is clear that Verizon Wireless will continue to support Qualcomm's Brew and Brew MP phones.

1 Jun 2011

Qualcomm's senior director of business development Liat Ben-Zur has predicted a new revolution in mobile - featurephones.

1 Jun 2011

Verizon Wireless today announced a new offer for its millions of customers with basic phones: for $10 a month, customers will receive 75 MB of data use to browse the Web, participate in social networking, and download games and apps,...

1 Jun 2011

SAN DIEGO—Verizon Wireless said today it plans to expand its line of feature phones using Qualcomm's Brew platform.

23 May 2011

(CNN) -- Using social media is one of the most popular things people do on their phones -- and not just on smartphones.

12 May 2011

“How Can I Price My Games to Get More Revenue?” Every game developer, regardless of platform or application store, wants to know the answer to this question.

15 Apr 2011

As a developer you know that access to devices is critical to test your various builds. However, with how many devices are on the market these days, it can be expensive to get access to and manage a wide range of handsets.

11 Apr 2011

Silent Communication, a provider of Device and Network Agnostic (DANA) mobile client solutions, announced that its Visual Voicemail mobile client (Silent VVM) is now available for the Brew MP mobile operating system.

25 Mar 2011

The focus of this blog post is to provide key updated information as to new changes in the Brew MP SDK and its toolsets. Over the past couple of months we have been hard at work adding some cool new features and capabilities as well as...

22 Mar 2011

Virtual Developer Lab for Brew Provides Remote Access to More Than 125 Brew and Brew Mobile Platform Enabled Devices

22 Mar 2011

(CNN) -- Consumer demand for mobile media is growing fast, but the smartphone app market has quickly become heavily saturated and fairly confusing.

21 Mar 2011

DeviceAnywhere currently supports over 125 Brew® and Brew MP™ handsets for you to remotely test your content and applications.

17 Mar 2011

HTC has built up a solid reputation in the smartphone world as having top-of-the-line products and one of the best User Interfaces in the business with HTC Sense.

16 Mar 2011

(CNN) -- When you want news or information about your community, do you sometimes turn to your cell phone or tablet computer? If so, you've got plenty of company.

9 Mar 2011

Opera Software today announced that it has signed an agreement to ship the Opera Mini browser worldwide on Qualcomm Incorporated’s Brew MP™. Millions of consumers worldwide will benefit by having a smartphone-like browsing experience on...

7 Mar 2011

Last week we held a webinar on New Opportunities with Verizon's Open Catalog for Brew. If you missed it or were unable to attend, the webinar recording is now available.

1 Mar 2011

We've been predicting the eventual end of obstinate, crippled feature phones for some time now.

28 Feb 2011

BARCELONA, Spain--ZTE debuted its flagship Android-based smartphone, the ZTE Skate, at a press event in Barcelona, Spain. The smartphone will be commercially available in May.

28 Feb 2011

BARCELONA, Spain--Qualcomm will incorporate Opera Software's popular Opera Mini browser into handsets running its Brew MP platform, promising a smartphone-like mobile web experience on mass-market feature phones.

28 Feb 2011

After the ZTE Blade (aka Orange San Francisco), ZTE is proving itself as a company offering top-end performance for entry-level money.

28 Feb 2011

Opera Software today announced that it will deliver a version of Opera Mini that is compatible with Qualcomm's BREW MP operating system.

28 Feb 2011

Home energy management is still an early adopter trend for most normal consumers, but as mobile operators and device makers get more involved in selling network access and special energy monitoring devices, the sector may hit the...

28 Feb 2011

ZTE just wrapped up its press conference here at MWC 2011 and introduced us to 2 new Android handsets, the side-slider Amigo and the slate-style Skate.

28 Feb 2011

AT&T users, the day that we have been longing for is finally here. AT&T and HTC's 4G lovechild, the HTC Inspire 4G is officially on sale.

28 Feb 2011

New device will run Android 2.3 and be available worldwide in May 2011

28 Feb 2011

Our Norwegian friends at Opera Software have just announced that they’ve signed an agreement with Qualcomm whereby Qualcomm’s Brew MP operating system will come with Opera Mini installed by default.

28 Feb 2011

Following plans to integrate its Opera Mobile browser into BREW MP last year, Opera has announced that it will integrate its proxy-based Opera Mini browser into BREW MP.

28 Feb 2011

Opera is already the browser of choice for 90 million mobile phone users, and co-founder Jon von Tetzchner (pictured) wants to see it on every tablet too.

28 Feb 2011

Opera has announced yet another integration deal with a major OEM.

28 Feb 2011

MORE MASS-MARKET PHONES will have decent web browsers, thanks to a deal between chip supplier Qualcomm and Opera.

17 Feb 2011

This overview of Verizon's Open Catalog for Brew, includes the benefits for current and new Brew publishers, the end-to-end submission process and how consumers discover apps through Open Catalog.

15 Feb 2011

Opera Software today announced that it has signed an agreement to ship the Opera Mini browser worldwide on Qualcomm Incorporated’s Brew MP. Millions of consumers worldwide will benefit by having a smartphone-like browsing experience...

15 Feb 2011

The other browser comes to the other OS

15 Feb 2011

(CNN) -- With the next wave of feature phones, we may soon be able to say goodbye to those junky, pictureless websites catered to "mobile-optimized browsing."

13 Feb 2011

AT&T users, the day that we have been longing for is finally here. AT&T and HTC's 4G lovechild, the HTC Inspire 4G is officially on sale.

8 Feb 2011

We started our day at this year's AT&T Developers Summit with great news from AT&T for the Brew® community – AT&T consumers will be able to purchase the first in a lineup of Brew MP devices starting sometime in February.

3 Feb 2011

Providing smart grids for the utility industry, SmartSynch will deploy its groundbreaking Qualcomm 3G based communications platform for smart meters to offer the first integrated, over-the-air application portfolio for the smart...

2 Feb 2011

A Jackson, MS, technology company is today launching a wireless communications platform for utility smart grids, giving San Diego’s Qualcomm a fresh opportunity to develop a vast new market for its Brew MP mobile...

13 Jan 2011

As long as there is a demand for cheap, there will always be a demand for feature phones, giving BREW MP a key place in the market

12 Jan 2011

The HTC Freestyle is a phone with a well-made design by HTC made for AT&T, which runs the Brew MP platform rather than the Android or Windows Phone 7 OS.

10 Jan 2011

The Simplify Development with the Brew MP SDK webinar was held on December 16th. For those who forgot to register but would like to view the webinar, the webinar recording is now available.

6 Jan 2011

LAS VEGAS – AT&T this morning announced the HTC Freestyle, a new texting phone that is the first to use a common software platform designed to open up the world of feature phones to apps.

6 Jan 2011

As expected HTC officially launched its Inspire 4G at CES today as well as its first Brew MP device, the Freestyle.

6 Jan 2011

HTC has unveiled one of its non smartphones, HTC FreeStyle, which runs the Qualcomm Brew MP OS with HTC's Sense UI on the front, at CES 2011.

6 Jan 2011

So, you thought that the Inspire 4G was the only gift that HTC was bestowing upon AT&T today, did you?

5 Jan 2011

My mission with this blog is to help you work efficiently and fully leverage all the capabilities of Brew®. The most important advice I have for any developer working with Brew is to use the new Brew MP SDK, which should greatly reduce...

5 Jan 2011

AT&T today had a few more surprises than usual at its annual Developer Summit, unveiling some slick new HSPA+-capable devices from Samsung, Motorola and HTC, while also announcing an acceleration of its LTE rollout plans.

5 Jan 2011

This phone due to AT&T will be shelled with a slim aluminum unibody and run the Brew MP platform.

5 Jan 2011

Computerworld - LAS VEGAS -- AT&T Wednesday announced that in February, it will start selling a version of the HTC Freestyle phone running Brew MP, an open-platform OS for phones that are smaller, less powerful and less expensive...

4 Jan 2011

Learn about the new Brew MP SDK and enhancements to the Brew MP tools. The new SDK supports Brew MP devices, as well as those running Brew® versions 3 & 4 – from a single toolset.

2010 News

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14 Dec 2010

For all application developers, here is an overview of the technical content available on the Brew MP developer website with pointers to using specific resources for the beginner and the most advanced Brew® developers.

18 Nov 2010

It’s just one example of what we’re doing to bring you a better Brew. Here are some of the new features I hope you’ll enjoy.

30 Sep 2010

I recently had the opportunity to attend this year’s Verizon Developer Community (VDC) Conference held at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

22 Sep 2010

The San Francisco session was our last in a series of Brew MP code camps that took place over recent months.

23 Aug 2010

Well… another successful Brew MP code camp under our belts.

3 Jul 2010

Cellular technology developer Qualcomm, Inc. is pushing hard to promote its BREW Mobile Platform (MP) operating system as the development platform of choice for software makers looking to create and distribute applications for...

2 Jul 2010

SAN DIEGO -- Uplinq -- Hoping to turn around nearly three years of feature-phone revenue declines, Verizon Wireless is recommitting itself to Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM)'s Brew (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) mobile platform...

2 Jul 2010

SAN DEIGO -- Qualcomm Inc. is currently riding high amid strong demand--and constraints-- for its traditional cell-phone chip products.

1 Jul 2010

From the Uplinq 2010 Conference in San Diego, Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm Incorporated said today that Verizon Wireless will be the first to launch an Open Catalog program for Brew, giving developers enhanced opportunities to bring...

1 Jul 2010

SAN DIEGO--Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) launched its new Open Catalog initiative here at Qualcomm's Uplinq 2010 conference, promising Brew developers an enhanced and more simplified channel to market their applications to the operator's...

30 Jun 2010

Though AT&T announced no specific BREW-enabled phones at Uplinq, its CMO says Qualcomm’s app platform will be focal point of upcoming quick message phones.

30 Jun 2010

Qualcomm Inc. is stepping up efforts to move beyond chips for cellphones, including a variant on a technology called augmented reality that has attracted interest from such companies as toy maker Mattel Inc.

30 Jun 2010

SAN DIEGO— AT&T will be launching Qualcomm’s Brew MP operating system across its upcoming lineup of quick messaging devices, AT&T Mobility Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher said today at the Uplinq conference in San...

30 Jun 2010

Rather than pit itself against the smartphone platforms, Qualcomm says it’s working with them, while carving out its own niche in the next-generation of lower-end mobile data devices

30 Jun 2010

Chipmaker to partner with web portal SINA to offer its Brew mobile platform.

30 Jun 2010

SAN DIEGO -- Cell-phone chip giant Qualcomm Inc. is expanding its efforts in the mobile operating system and connectivity arenas.

30 Jun 2010

Qualcomm, Nokia and HTC are bringing lower-priced smartphones to mass audiences.

28 Jun 2010

Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of wireless technologies, products and services, today announced that its Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP) continues to attract new partners to the Qualcomm-...

20 May 2010

Ready to add microtransactions to your revenue generating strategies? Application Value Billing (A-VB), allowing developers to monetize content items purchased within a Brew application.

23 Mar 2010

Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of wireless technologies, products and services, today announced that its Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP) continues to gain momentum among a growing community of...

23 Mar 2010

There's no doubt that Qualcomm's Brew technology has been a success for mobile game and app developers. After all, Brew has generated $3 billion for developers and publishers.

25 Feb 2010

Brew MP handsets are coming to market in 2010, and leading operators want great apps to go with them. Listen to this technical overview of Brew MP and get ready to capitalize on the opportunity.

17 Feb 2010

High Tech Computer unveiled its first smartphone that uses Qualcomm's Brew MP operating system on Wednesday at the Mobile World Congress, marking a step in a new direction for the company, which specializes in Windows Mobile and...

17 Feb 2010

HTC Corporation, a global designer of smartphones, and Telefónica are today announcing an exclusive partnership to sell the HTC Smart, an affordable and easy-to-use smartphone on O2 in Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

15 Feb 2010

Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies, products and services, and Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle’s Sun Java™ Wireless Client for Qualcomm’s Brew...

15 Feb 2010

15 February 2010, Barcelona – ZTE Corporation (“ZTE” - H share stock code: 00763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, introduced today at the 2010 GSMA...

15 Jan 2010

New York - LG's U.S. cellular plans in 2010 include an expanded selection of Windows Mobile smartphones and the company's first Android-based smartphones, but the company will remain aggressive in feature phones and messaging phones,...

9 Jan 2010

CES turned out to be a huge waste of time, and while I am slightly upset that I didn’t get to spend time with our very own Will Park and Simon Sage, I am pleased that I saved myself a flight half way around the world to look at 3D...

9 Jan 2010

HTC introed what it says is the first of a new category of smartphones out at CES, the HTC Smart, and we've snapped some pics for your viewing pleasure.

9 Jan 2010

Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) is becoming a major software supplier in mobile for mid-range devices in the U.S., but rather than make money on the platform, it hopes to sell more phones with its chipsets inside.

8 Jan 2010

There is a wonderfully delicious irony about this handset... HTC's so-called 'Smart' is actually the company's first dumbphone, it has revealed.

8 Jan 2010

Welcome to 2010 and the first weekly roundup of the mobile phone news stories you may have missed this week.  With the CES show in Las Vegas just getting under way, we should be seeing more than a few new handsets and mobile...

8 Jan 2010

LAS VEGAS—Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs today delivered a keynote at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a number of device partners and Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor emerging as stars of the show.

7 Jan 2010

With Android gaining plenty of support among OEMs, US chip company Qualcomm is looking to get its hands on some mobile operating system action too.

7 Jan 2010

HTC's laying its cards down with a phone called "Smart" for Europe and Asia, which runs on Qualcomm's BREW platform.

7 Jan 2010

Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC (formerly Hight-Tech Computer Corporation) has announced a new phone Thursday called the Smart. HTC used the CES in Las Vegas to bill the Smart as a new category “smartphone for masses”.

7 Jan 2010

HTC has debuted at CES 2010 what they promise will be “an easier-to-use, affordable smartphone,” the aptly-named HTC Smart.

7 Jan 2010

In order for you to discover who we are and what we are about, we have put together some content we think will help you in getting to know us a little bit better.

6 Jan 2010

Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies, products and services, today announced that the 2010 market launch of its new open Brew Mobile Platform (Brew MP) operating...

6 Jan 2010

Today in Las Vegas, AT&T announced new initiatives to bring more applications to all its customers and not just those using iPhones.

6 Jan 2010

AT&T Mobility President and CEO Ralph de la Vega used the company's annual mobile developer event to announce the company's four-pronged approach to strengthening its wireless business.

6 Jan 2010

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - AT&T Inc plans to sell seven new smartphones in the first half of this year, including two from Palm Inc and five Android handsets from vendors such as Dell Inc.

6 Jan 2010

Today AT&T announced that it will soon bring to market and support handsets running Qualcomm's BREW platform.

6 Jan 2010

LAS VEGAS--From new cell phones to set top boxes to emerging devices, AT&T is looking beyond the iPhone as it focuses on a rapidly expanding application business.

6 Jan 2010

AT&T today announced plans to launch five new devices from Dell, HTC and Motorola based on the Android platform.

2009 News

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12 Nov 2009

Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies, products and services, today announced that it is working with key mobile software providers to optimize their solutions...

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