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Feature phones acting like smartphones?

The wonders never cease.

The Brew Platform

Smart Everyday Devices

Think of the Brew platform as a big punch wrapped in a small footprint. It unlocks the potential of the smartphone on mass-market devices. Is an open and flexible architecture. And ensures consistent API implementation that makes it easy for Brew operators and device manufacturers to customize their Brew services and devices. And with the latest version of Brew, that punch just got a whole lot more powerful. We’ve added new features and APIs across the entire mobile platform, SDK, tools and developer site to help get Brew applications to market faster.

Multiplatform SDK

editSay goodbye to the days of sorting out which SDK is needed for which device. With multiple platforms and one mobile SDK, simply use our SDK Manager to install and activate the platform of your choice. For help managing all those devices, we have a Target Manager that chooses a simulated or physical device to test against and then automatically configures your environment. Our simulator has also been revamped to include support for interactive, Flash-based skins, local device instantiations and extensive mobile platform build. Click2Run and Click2Debug provide automated, one-click compile, install and run or debug, instantly. And then there’s Universal Brew MP USB, which provides a universal driver bundled in for seamless connection to Brew devices without OEM drivers.

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Let Brew Lend a Hand

For developers in need of a little extra help capitalizing on the Brew opportunity, we’ve collected a directory of companies providing porting, conversion and localization services. It’s grouped by region and includes services offered and contact information.

In-App Purchases

We think an app install is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with consumers. Brew offers a number of ways to monetize applications, including one-time downloads, subscriptions, demo and use based models and now, thanks to the Application Value Billing extension, in-app purchases.

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