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Hundreds of millions of new Brew-based devices

are in the hands of consumers today and

hundreds of millions more are on the way.

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What is Brew?

Promises are easy.

Proof is earned. And quite simply, the Brew™ platform simply delivers—incredible smartphone-like performance on mass-market devices. There are already hundreds of millions of these devices in the market, which means there’s also a huge opportunity waiting for developers, operators and device manufacturers. Don’t miss out on your piece of the pie.

Brew Technology

We’ve been around the block a few times and use what we’ve learned to continually get better with time. Brew has a long history of supporting the programming methods that developers need. Our latest version, extends that flexibility even more. In addition to the powerful native C/C++ programming language at its core, Brew comes with pre-integrated support for Java and other mobile and internet technologies. And we made sure Brew is flexible enough to support other extensions and technologies that drive mass-market wireless use. That’s pretty big thinking for a platform with such a small footprint.

Core apps

Working with third parties is second nature to us; we understand other members in the ecosystem play a critical role in delivering the wide range of smart, unique user experiences that make mass-market Brew devices something special. Whether it’s a browser, a JVM or one of the other core applications of today’s mobile phones, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. collaborates with top developers across application categories and wireless markets to assist with the development of pre-integrated, pre-optimized, pre-distributed core apps.

Go Big. Get Paid.

There’s more than 250 million consumers worldwide with Brew devices in their hands, making a world of opportunity for developers. Combine that with the advantages of carrier-billing, consolidated settlement by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and the ability to use a range of pricing strategies from advertising to subscriptions to in-app purchases, and Brew has all the ingredients for commercial success.

A little history, a big future.

It’s a pretty simple story, really. Over a decade ago the Brew® platform was introduced as one of the first mass market wireless application solutions. The mobile value chain of operators, device manufacturers and developers embraced it, and a global community of operators offering Brew-based services was born. To date 1B+ Brew devices have been commercialized and $3B+ has been paid to developers.

But we all know the mobile world constantly evolves at breakneck speeds. Brew MP is a robust mobile OS. We packed it with greater flexibility for operators and device manufacturers to differentiate their products and services. The Brew MP SDK and associated tools can speed application development for earlier versions of the platform, as well.

With more than 250 million addressable Brew devices in the market and hundreds of millions more projected for 2012 and beyond, the potential is very compelling. That makes Brew perfectly positioned to drive revenue from mass-market devices. As usual.

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